Air conditioning is important during any weather condition. It helps to purify the air making it easier to breathe especially for people who react to certain allergens in the air. The air is cleaner and more pure with the use of air condition. It is however important for you to ensure the air con is working perfectly if you are to reap the benefits of using it. For this to happen, you need to use aircon service Singapore for the servicing of your air conditioning.

When it is cold, the air loses its ability to hold water. When it is hot, the airs ability to hold water increases. The humidity in your home should be anywhere between 30% and 50%. Any higher or lower humidity levels will affect your health and level of comfort.

Challenges of extremely high humidity levels

Growth of mold and bacteria

When it is very hot, the humidity levels are very high. If it is not handled correctly, your clothes and furniture will suffer the effects of this humidity levels. The high humidity also affects the skin especially when you sweat a lot. You will see the growth of molds in certain corners of the house if you do not solve this problem easily.

Stuffy environment

When it is humid, the air is quite stuffy. It becomes difficult to breathe and it is plain uncomfortable.

Absolute discomfort

When the humidity is high, you are barely comfortable in anything you wear. You will be unable to work as productively as you would with the air conditioning on.

Challenges of extremely low humidity

Increased chances of catching infections

When the humidity is low, many people have increased chances of getting a cold. This is because the purity of the air has been compromised by the low humidity levels.

Itchy dry skin

You may need to moisturize your skin more during this period. Otherwise, you will have itchy and extremely dry skin. To prevent this during the extreme weather conditions, it is important to use air conditioning to help with your skin.

Damage on wood and house

If you have wooden furniture or if any part of your house is made of wood, low humidity will likely damage your property. Low humidity also affects the paint job especially because they start peeling.

Air con is very important in extreme weather conditions. You will not only be comfortable but you will be able to protect yourself and your property. If you have air conditioning system, it is important to use aircon service Singapore to maintain your air conditioning so that it can serve you optimally. Using air con is beneficial for you and your property.