Being an owner of the automobiles and vehicles, it is obvious that everyone hear about the world ofthe DVLA. Yes, just like many other government departments with the lucrative acronyms, DVLA is an association which legalizes the issue of driving license to the people. If you have no idea about DVLA, this article can surely help you to explore all about them. Let’s see how to Speak To The DVLA to acquire your needs.

Responsibilities of DVLA

Actually, DVLA means Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency which holds nearly 45 million driver records along with 39 million records of the vehicle. This organization is an executive agency of the department of Transport and now, the present chief executive of this agency is Oliver Morley.

Of course, they can also maintain the licensing and registering the drivers in the United Kingdom. All such information that is saved by DVLA can help the people to know about right vehicles and drivers to be taxed.

Well, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing agency is also responsible for so many tasks and they are listed as follows.

  • Recording the driver supports, ineligibility and even the health condition of the driver
  • Issuing the certificates of the vehicle registration to the vehicle owners
  • Offering the photo card of the driving license
  • Taking the enforcing action in opposition to the vehicle tax law breaker
  • Selling the DVLA customized registrations
  • Recording and offering the tachograph cards
  • Providing the unspecified data to the people who have the rights to use the service
  • Gives the help to the police and the customs authorities to deal with the crime

These are the utmost initial responsibilities of the Driving and Vehicle License agency and therefore, most of the people like to access their services for making their transportation to be cool and safe.

Apart from the above mentioned responsibilities, the agency also serves some other amenities and all of them are exclusively fantastic to make your task to be good. In that manner, below mentioned are the most effective services that you can attain through the DVLA agency.

  • Accident inspection
  • Vehicle registration
  • Change of ownership
  • Registration renewal
  • Roadworthiness
  • Foreign exchange conversion
  • Replacement of lost license
  • License upgrade

From these different kinds of the services, tachographs issue is the most important one to know. In fact, tachograph cards are often an important requirement for the drivers to have as the record of the driving time, speed and distance covered.

These are the fantastic services that you can attain with the help of the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency. So, if you are in need of such services, it is better to get the access.

In these days, the DVLA services are accessible through the internet and therefore, anyone can get the access whenever they want, because it is available 24X7. So, if you are looking to know or Speak To The DVLA about the DVLA and its services, it is quite better to access the internet.