While most of us rush to a doctor for treating health issues, sometimes it is better to visit a chiropractor. Chiropractors are health care professionals dealing with the neuromuscular system of the body and offer treatment by manual adjustment of the spine. The basis of this approach is that they consider the body to be a living machine, and disorders are merely misalignments of this machine.

Chiropractors may work alone or in conjunction with doctors, depending on the severity of the disorder and treatment strategies. The three main branches of chiropractic care are-

  • Relief therapy – Usually the first step towards disease management, aiming at the initial improvement in the symptoms. Most commonly used components of this therapy are ice, heat etc. Posture correction is also recommended in this therapy.
  • Corrective therapy- It consists of longer term exercises to bring about improvement in the body of the patients.
  • Maintenance therapy- This is the final step that deals with the regular upkeep and fitness of the body to maintain the fitness level reached. This prevents further complications in the body.

The above mentioned three branches of chiropractic treatment have been found to be immensely useful in many disorders. Therefore, effective and holistic treatment strategies for these disorders necessitate chiropractor recruitment in healthcare sector so that these services become available to more patients. Some of these disorders are discussed below:

Neck and back pain

One of the most common ailment of the population is neck and back pain. A sedentary lifestyle and bad posture have resulted in a drastic grow in the number of people suffering from back pain and neck pain. These disorders have been managed very well by chiropractic intervention. While conventional medical treatment aims at alleviating such pain by pain-killers, chiropractors remove it at its root.

Migraine and other headaches

Only a person suffering from migraine can know how bad that headache is. Sometimes the pain intensity is so high that it hampers daily activities of the patient. Headaches of different origins can be successfully tackled by chiropractic intervention.

Sciatic pain

The sciatic nerve originates in the lower back and undue pressure on this nerve causes a sharp, radiating pain. This extremely painful condition is very common and can be managed extremely well by regular visits to the chiropractor.

Neurological disorders

Chiropractic intervention and regular maintenance can be of great benefit for many neurological conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, which otherwise is very difficult to manage.

Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a very common ailment with serious implications. These are most commonly caused by a physical injury or overuse of the shoulder joint, but can also be a symptom of an underlying disease like diabetes. This condition can be successfully managed by chiropractors.

Acidity and gastric troubles

The abdominal cavity is controlled by some nerves that can be modulated under the influence of the spinal stimulus. This makes it possible for chiropractors to be able to treat colic and abdominal discomfort like acid reflux etc.

A population that suffers from the above disorders can benefit a lot if chiropractor recruitment is made an integral part of available healthcare options.