Bpm’online. Bpm’online software has been developed to streamline business processes and improve companies’ efficiency. It has a set of smart solutions for sales, marketing and customer service. BMP tools comparison showed that bpm’online has a powerful platform which provides various deployment options, customization and integration with other platforms. The visual designer helps users to create and monitor processes of any complexity. Content designer enables marketers to create bulk email campaigns with a few clicks. Multichannel communications with customers are managed through smart cloud applications. BPM software tools also include customizable dashboards and reports for detailed analysis and minimizing bottlenecks. Focus on what is important with https://www.bpmonline.com/bpm-software. You can also download eBook to find out how to boost business processes using smart BPM tools at https://www.bpmonline.com/ebook/top-intelligent-bpm-tools.

Timereaction. Capabilities of the best BPM tools developed by Timereaction enable users to effectively manage and control the entire workflow cycle. All processes are fully customizable to meet any specific need. Communication tools enable team members to stay up to date and keep conversations relevant. The entire conversation is documented from beginning to end and may be filtered in many ways. Sub-Workflow tool lets creating parallel tasks. All spreadsheet are easily exported to other programs. Different tools for file management help users to upload, search, modify and share documents. Moreover, Timereaction may be integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox so that no information is missed or deleted. Thanks to Amazon S3 all files are backed up automatically and may be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Watch a demo version at http://timereaction.com/features.

ProcessGene. Governments and companies worldwide use this cloud BMP software because of its collaboration mechanism, custom graphic diagrams, connectivity to ERP systems and SaaS platform. The process mapping tools enable to leverage the efficiency, reduce costs and shorten time to routine tasks. The system also offers consolidation solutions for mergers and acquisitions which help to monitor M&A project from beginning to end using modern reporting standards and methods. Task management tools enable to assign projects among team members, reduce workflow complexity and support concurrent management of several projects. Change management software creates dashboards and analysis and shows change management status. Find out more about its top BPM tools at http://processgene.com/solutions/bpm-software/.

AuraPortal. AuraPortal delivers best digital experience to speed up business processes in different industries. Its BPM tools list includes smart analytics, knowledge management tools, BPM solutions to change adaption, digital transformation, compliance with regulations and mobility. Organizational control solutions include case files, traceability, time control and alerts. It allows users to measure their progress and improve efficiency. Thanks to intelligent analytic tools team members will be able to take actions quickly and make right decisions. Compliance with regulations presumes intelligent automation, risk management tools and quick changes for regulation updates. Mobile workforce and mobile access to process will simplify employees’ work so they could perform tasks in any location. Get your solution faster with https://www.auraportal.com/solutions/.

Adonis. The primary goal of Adonis is to provide a solution that is easy and understandable for all users. Its powerful platform helps to model and manage complex processes. Analytic and reporting tools enable to minimize risks and view the entire picture of all projects. Its business simulation library includes cycle monitoring, critical path analysis, capacity planning and process costing. Comprehensive business process management tools have everything you need to speed up your business: KPIs, risk management, process diagrams and much more. Check http://en.adonis-community.com/welcome/bpmn-2-0  to learn more about its advantages and try a pro demo.

Bizagi. Process applications of Bizagi enable collaboration between IT and business, boosting productivity and maintaining control. Its intuitive document tools simplify the storage and monitoring of documentation without special technical knowledge. Process models are easily transformed into workflows and applications. Reporting and analytic tools help managers to visualize all processes and track task performance. Bizagi is integrated with the existing IT systems quickly and easily. Mobility options enable to run applications on any device. Users just need to design process maps, build custom applications and start working. Automate processes completely with http://www.bizagi.com/en/products.

Alfresco. Alfresco provides a set of smart tools that are easy to model, deploy, modify and update. Rules Editors tools help users to create new models and update key data. Collaboration tools allow working as a team to complete any task faster. Graphical tools and BPMN Editor are developed to model processes and share them. Users get access to all information and projects to support a wide range of scenarios. Modern platforms such as DMN or BMPN 2.0 allow integration of Alfresco with the existing systems. Process services solutions strengthen compliance with corporate rules and industry regulations. Take your business processes to a new level with https://www.alfresco.com/platform/process-services-bpm.