Three Things a Company Needs to Do If They’re Publicly Owned

Responsibilities of a Publicly Owned Company

A company that is publicly owned has certain responsibilities that a privately owned company doesn’t have to worry about. Once you decide that your company is going to go public, you have to be accountable to those who have invested in your stocks. You need to be transparent with insider buying in your company. You need to make sure that everything about your company is well represented by the public who actually shares ownership in it. Here are three things that a company needs to do if they become public.

Charitable Activities

If your company goes public, it’s important that you make charitable donations. Those who watch your company will be more likely to purchase shares of your stocks if you do this. This means that you involve yourself in charitable organizations that help out people with disabilities, the poor, those who are homeless, and those who require medical assistance. There are various charity organizations that your company can choose to donate to, including the Boys and Girls Club and the Ronald McDonald House.

Once your company decides to officially be owned by the public, it is very important to maintain a sterling reputation in terms of charity. You need to be known for giving back to the community and for tending to those who require assistance. You can do this by donating to youth organizations like the Boys and Girls Club mentioned above or even organizations meant to provide care for veteran individuals. Whatever charity you donate to, the point is that you need to give back some of what you make.

Charitable donations do not always have to be in the form of a check or cash. You can make a donation in terms of time by encouraging your employees to partake in a day of volunteer service for a certain organization. You can make a trip of it and offer your employees paid time off for this day while they work at a local soup kitchen or at a local homeless shelter. You should take the opportunity to promote your business as reputable in the community.

Publish Your Progress

Once you go public, you need to be accountable to the public by reporting all of the progress in your own way. If you make any drastic changes to your company’s budget, do any layoffs, or generally change anything major in the company, you need to report it in an official publication. You should establish a website that is meant to debrief the public about the current business goings-on within your company. You should broadcast the development of this new website via channels such as the newspaper and local news organizations.

Maintain Social Media Presence

One of the best ways that your public shareholders can stay up to date on news about your business is by you posting on social media. Your shareholders can follow you directly on your social media websites, such as Facebook and Instagram. You can also use Twitter if it suits you. Keep in mind that the latter is limiting and that you can only post short posts, as opposed to Facebook and Instagram which offer you more interactive and complete options for posting.

You should use your social media platform to keep your shareholders up to date on current news for your business. You should post something at least twice a day and you should post it during the midday, while users are more likely to be online. This will make it easy for your shareholders to feel invested in your company and to keep their stocks invested in your company because they will further trust you. You would be amazed how far it goes just to keep in constant contact with your shareholders in terms of keeping them as investors.

Social media is a wonderful tool to stay in touch with those who invest in your company and it offers them an easy way to keep up on your business news. People can even post their own comments about your recent business dealings and express their opinions as shareholders in the company. This gives you the opportunity to respond to your shareholders and accept constructive criticism from them. Your business will thrive and grow stronger as you take advice from the people who have invested in your business.


Your Business Should Be Using Softphones

Emerging technologies are full of solutions that can save your business money while also making it more efficient. One of these technologies, called softphones, is easier to implement than you think.

How Softphones Work

Rather than relying on a physical phone line from a telecommunications provider to place calls, softphones use the Internet. Softphones are not literal telephones, but software programs designed to use VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, to route your calls over the Internet. This means that any device that can have the software installed on it– a laptop, tablet, or smartphone – can now function as a phone for your business.

Benefits of Softphones

Because the only connection a softphone needs to function is a reliable Internet connection, you’ll be able to eliminate your monthly phone bill. Softphones also allow you to get rid of clunky conventional desk phones with their cumbersome and difficult-to-remember commands for basic office phone tasks like transferring calls, holding a call, or forwarding calls away from workers who are off the clock. Most softphone programs have much better user interfaces for completing these actions, like drag-and-drop call transfers and scheduled call forwarding. As they become more popular, more of these programs are adding upgraded features like video conferencing and visual voicemail.

Softphones also make it much easier for your employees to work remotely while still maintaining the privacy of their personal phone numbers. They can install a softphone on a personal device or a device provided by you and still be reached at their work number instead of having to provide their personal number to customers or clients who want to reach them while they are out of the office. Employees can also use scheduling features to set up online and away times, ensuring that they are receiving calls when they’re working and being left in peace outside their scheduled shifts.

Switching your phone service from traditional desk phones to softphones is a cost-effective solution for your modern office.


What You Need to Know About Fire Extinguisher Training Houston

Have a look at our courses in case you’d love to bring some online training to your present-day fire safety and fire extinguisher training in Houston. Hands-on training doesn’t necessarily mean real-time fire demonstration. Finding the correct training will allow it to be much easier that you steer clear of many hazards at work.

You can’t when you should use an extinguisher. What’s more, in case there are extinguishers on site that employees aren’t meant to use, an emergency action and fire prevention program has to be available. Fire extinguishers are only valuable security devices when you understand how to use them. You should make certain your workplace has an operational fire extinguisher that may put out any fires that may start.

Since fire is just one of the most frequent hazards at work, it is essential for your employees to understand how to correctly use a fire extinguisher if a fire should break out at your work website. In the event the fire doesn’t start to go out immediately, leave the region simultaneously. Therefore, the training fires are completely customizable.

The operator should have a very clear escape route that won’t be blocked by fire. The operator must understand how to use the extinguisher. There’s no simulator that may adequately replicate real-time fire training. The Rockets are currently a critical threat out West. They are a really good team. They had the formula to beat the Warriors.

Has the capability to grade trainees making it simple to monitor improvement and proficiency. There is additionally a terrific emphasis set on fire prevention and education. You are able to learn the skills essential to guard your residence and property safe from small fires!

Guarantee that the fire department was called. Always be sure it inspects the fire site. NMSU Fire Department supplies a class in the way to use a portable fire extinguisher.

Employees have to be trained in the plan, and the plan has to be reviewed and updated at least one time per year. Your employees are going to receive premium training in a supportive and enjoyable learning atmosphere.

Businesses are needed to keep up a sanitary environment throughout the worksite. Stars love playing with stars since it makes their job simpler. There is not any time in the West, Morey explained. If it is an issue, don’t fret. It’s funny ways to walk by the fire extinguisher multiple situations every day, not notice it. If you see a person who is missing, don’t hesitate to add him. Additionally, there’s the subject of team defense.

This season, the remaining part of the league targets the very best team’s free agents. The 2 teams couldn’t play more opposite manners of basketball. To put it differently, a third team would have to be involved. In order to do that goal, teams should concentrate on athleticism (again), length, and a player’s capability to defend numerous positions. Championship teams are supposed to need to make compromises. When you haven’t checked out a Rockets game but are considering it, give them a go and bring your loved ones.


Considerations to Make Before Renting Self Storage Units

People often complain about lack of space in their house to keep all their belongings properly. This happens with commercial businesses, and it feels that offices are jam-packed with random stuff.

It might be unused and old yet valuable furniture with memories of your family members, piles of age-old files or loads of old shredded clothes, most of us feel to have an external space to keep all these belongings to lessen the mess inside the house and to make it look organized.

If you are feeling the same, all you need is to hire a self-storage unit in your surroundings to get rid of this problem. Your next question would be how to get that? Not worry as this post offers some important considerations to make before renting self-storage units.

  • Security

Irrespective of the type of materials stored in the storage facilities, it is important to ensure safety quotient. Get in touch with a reliable service provider and discuss regarding the security arrangements.

Before you make the final call, it is extremely important for you to make sure that the arrangements are satisfactory. The facility provider must have video surveillance and should have security personnel to avoid trespassing inside the compound. All these will ensure complete peace of mind.

  • Location

Location plays an important role in the selection of the storage unit and the charges vary on the same. In case you need to store something for which you need frequent access to the storage unit, it is better to choose a service provider from your close surrounding. Of course, the charges will be high, but this will offer complete peace of mind.

It is better to hire units located in A distant area from the city when the items are not frequently used. Consequently, the charges will be lesser in this case but there will be adequate space inside the house.

  • Enough Space

The service provider that you choose must have enough space and should fulfill all your requirements. Consider having a look at the size of the facility as they vary in size and depends on the location.

For example, you might not find similarity in the size of the self storage in San Antonio with the size available in San Diego or any other location. Thus, make sure to pay a visit to the area before transferring all the stuff from home to the facility.

  • Insurance

Some self-storage facilities even offer insurance facilities to the tenants. Investing for such policies might be a smart investment, especially when the person doesn’t have insurance from the renter or the owner of the house. In case a person already has insurance for the home or apartment, it is better to check with the insurance company to confirm whether the scheme will cover the storage site or not.

Following all these tips would certainly help to hire the best storage facility and to get rid of the hassles of minimum or no space both in the house and in the office. Always prefer choosing a service provider that has been in the industry for long and does not have any hidden charges.


Business Intelligence – Understand The Importance Of Business Intelligence Tools

Regardless of whether your business is going to become large or if you want to be sure that you have reliable control over the market that you are already leading, you will find that you will run into real problems if you do not make a decision. a moment to evaluate your business analytics and its competitiveness with companies that already use the tools that accompany this concept. In essence, business intelligence is a measure of your company’s ability to better understand the business context, and if you are short, you will soon find yourself in a very difficult financial situation.

You already know that you cannot go very far in the business world without having good results, but do you know how to evaluate them?

Do you know how to recognize a trend and can accurately predict what the market will be at the end of the year or even in the next three or five years? Where is it exactly in a commercial context, and can you use the information you have to make decisions that will guide your business correctly?

The fact is that for too many companies, business analytics overshadows such things as impulsive and poorly informed decisions. To be truly responsible for business intelligence, you’ll have to use reports and control panels that give you the right information you need. You need not only to have all the facts to make decisions, but also to think about how these facts can be organized and organized!

Consider the presence of several chips that have different words.

When tiles are scattered, they do not make sense, and only when someone places them in phrases can they see what is the meaning. If you want to improve your business analytics, you should look for tools to help you do this. Thanks to good data processing, accurate reading of the data you have and correct translation of data into a form that is comprehensive for people who make a decision.

Using good business intelligence tools technology, you can get an accurate idea of ​​where your company was, where it is and where it will be. You can analyze the efficiency and productivity of your business, and when the data is presented to you, the decisions you make will be much clearer.


A paper by Garner, published in 2009, states that by 2012 more than 35 percent of the world’s 5,000 largest companies will have difficulty making the right decisions due to a combination of changing markets and a lack of information, tools, and processes. Regardless of where you are or what you do, make sure that you are not suffering from a critical shortage of business intelligence.


Coworking: Relieving Entrepreneurs of Infrastructural Burden

Coworking is a modern workspace-related concept.It refers to the business proposition where working spaces are hired by different and multiple individuals or employers in the same premises for the purpose of official work. This leads to people sharing theire working spaces with employees from other organizations or individuals working on their own in a coworking space. This transforms a coworking space into a community of working people. There are various companies providing coworkingspaces. In a coworking space, such companies create environment havingbasic facilities as well as state of the art furniture.

One such company proposingspectacular coworking spaces for hire in Long Beach, New York, North America is BridgeWorks. BridgeWorksprovides deals on working spaces. These deals offer on rent full offices, virtual addresses, individual workstations and networking events. People or organizations renting spaces in a BridgeWorks premises become its members. Theygain the privilege to book conference rooms whenever they need them. The other facilities that the company offers includes conference rooms, printing, coffee, high-speed wi-fi, dedicated parking spaces and many other utilities. It puts on bargain the various types of packages or memberships for people to choose according to their requirements. These packages and memberships includebasic membership, daily and weekly passes, dedicated desk and unlimited coworking access.

BridgeWorks offers the following types of passes providing access to their facility: a Day pass at $45 and a Week pass at $175. Both of these are one-time passes and permits members to work for a day or a week respectively during week days from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The members are free to work from any sort of space within the premises. The different types of spaces built inside the facility include lounge, café, open coworking space, or worktables. The access to the conference rooms,however, is not free and comes at an additional fee of $25.

BridgeWorks also offers for an amount as less as $45 its basic membership. This membership can help people not comingoften to officebut still requiring a dedicated workspace for their official use. These members can get access to the BridgeWorksoffice space through the basic membership package and use it suiting their work demands. They can also hold business or official meetings in the premises with all the facilities. They can also avail the offer of accessing the company’s virtual community and mobile app.

BridgeWorks offers its unlimited coworking space at $450 a month. People who work a lot but do not require a dedicated workspace can benefit from this package. This membership includes six hours of complimentary conference room time where members can book private conference rooms and meeting spaces when needed.

Dedicated desks are up for hire at $600 a month and are designed to suit privacy needs of people. This solitude is not present in other open coworking spaces. This package offers hand-crafted desks, where members can leave monitors, workspace items, file cabinets, etc., in their lockable rooms. Dedicated desks guarantee 24-hour access to the facility and complimentary six-hour access to conference rooms. Clik this link to know additional information.

BridgeWorks premises has two buildings with office spaces. These buildings are designed to suit all types of requirements of the potential clients. The clients renting space here are becoming more productive as a company or individuals and have shown increased involvement in their work.



Air conditioning is important during any weather condition. It helps to purify the air making it easier to breathe especially for people who react to certain allergens in the air. The air is cleaner and more pure with the use of air condition. It is however important for you to ensure the air con is working perfectly if you are to reap the benefits of using it. For this to happen, you need to use aircon service Singapore for the servicing of your air conditioning.

When it is cold, the air loses its ability to hold water. When it is hot, the airs ability to hold water increases. The humidity in your home should be anywhere between 30% and 50%. Any higher or lower humidity levels will affect your health and level of comfort.

Challenges of extremely high humidity levels

Growth of mold and bacteria

When it is very hot, the humidity levels are very high. If it is not handled correctly, your clothes and furniture will suffer the effects of this humidity levels. The high humidity also affects the skin especially when you sweat a lot. You will see the growth of molds in certain corners of the house if you do not solve this problem easily.

Stuffy environment

When it is humid, the air is quite stuffy. It becomes difficult to breathe and it is plain uncomfortable.

Absolute discomfort

When the humidity is high, you are barely comfortable in anything you wear. You will be unable to work as productively as you would with the air conditioning on.

Challenges of extremely low humidity

Increased chances of catching infections

When the humidity is low, many people have increased chances of getting a cold. This is because the purity of the air has been compromised by the low humidity levels.

Itchy dry skin

You may need to moisturize your skin more during this period. Otherwise, you will have itchy and extremely dry skin. To prevent this during the extreme weather conditions, it is important to use air conditioning to help with your skin.

Damage on wood and house

If you have wooden furniture or if any part of your house is made of wood, low humidity will likely damage your property. Low humidity also affects the paint job especially because they start peeling.

Air con is very important in extreme weather conditions. You will not only be comfortable but you will be able to protect yourself and your property. If you have air conditioning system, it is important to use aircon service Singapore to maintain your air conditioning so that it can serve you optimally. Using air con is beneficial for you and your property.


What Is Meant by “Employee Engagement

You may have heard the term “employee engagement” but are you aware of what it’s all about? For those out there who aren’t, it’s a modern procedure through which an employee builds positive social and emotional connections with an employer. This kind of business management technique, actively promotes employee involvement via a range of initiatives. They can include education and training courses, team building exercises, and offer employees with performance-based incentives like bonuses or enhanced recognition.

Employee engagement programmes operate under the idea that engaged employees will be more productive and therefore help in the development of more profit for the company. If the employee is working for a non-profit organisation, with the same assumption, engaged workers will be more involved in furthering the goals of the company.

Social Psychology and Being On Board

Nowadays, social psychology is an area where more than ever before, workers are positively attempting to engage their employees. Training programmes are usually seen as an effective method of encouraging employee engagement and can be carried out in an interactive group setting where talk and staff engagement surveys are allowed to take place. This type of team building has become yet another modern method used in promoting employee engagement.

If an employee is new, then the engagement is termed “on boarding”, which means taking someone on board in a way that he or she can rapidly feel like a team member, and not a new outsider. An engaged employee can bring numerous benefits to a company, which include better public relations, because such workers can voluntarily assume the part of a diplomat on behalf of the management.

Being Individual and a Team Player

Communication strategies used in employee engagement, can venture all the way from individualised directions and mentoring, to sophisticated team-building events that may include physical activities, such as getting over obstacles. This type of strategy is believed to be transformative in forming new relationships, as people who complete these tasks will then feel a stronger sense of group bonding.

These days, weekend retreats and charity events are utilised to engage employees also. Things such as inspiring groups of workers to go and volunteer to work at a soup kitchen, for example, can help to create the dual purposes of initiating a true sense of pride in the team for doing a really great deed, and also obtaining social capital for the employee within the company.

Contemporary and Future Methods

As employees are taking on this type of theory, employers can use a type of management that instils in workers the belief that they feel a lot closer to their work, much the same as an employer would regard their own work. Rewards can frequently be employed in an effort to boost such an attitude, but should not always be via financial incentives, but can include public accolades through media releases or given honours at public ceremonies.

Like it or not, employee engagement will be around for the unforeseeable future!


5 Things You Should Know About Business Intelligence: Quick Guide

In recent years it has turned into one of the most effective strategies and tools for business management. What? You have heard that your competitors or partners use it?

Here is a quick-read guide for you to learn the essentials of business intelligence and decide whether it can be useful for your own enterprise. Check out five key points below.

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1. What Is Business Intelligence?

Also knows simply as BI, it is a whole set of strategies and technologies which various enterprises use to collect, process, store and disseminate business information of different kinds.

Generally, BI should be referred to as special computer software that can provide various business operation and handle big amounts of data.

Today BI technologies help identify opportunities, support decisions and develop strategies that provide an enterprise with long-term stability and make it competitive at the market.

2. Where Does BI Take Its Roots From?

Although in the 21st century business intelligence implies dealing with computers, this term was coined in 1865. Its author, Richard Millar Devens, used it in his Cyclopedia of Commercial and Business Anecdotes, describing how the banker Sir Henry Furnese managed to get profit by collecting and acting on the information about his business environment.

Almost 100 years later Hans Peter Luhn, one the first researchers in the field of computer science, used the term BI in his article A Business Intelligence System. It was dedicated to the description of a special automatic method that would provide enough awareness to scientists, researchers and engineers who had to deal with rapid growth of literature after World War II.

Since that time the concept of methods of BI have been greatly developed, enabling contemporary enterprises manage business information successfully.

3. Why Can BI Be a Good Decision for My Business?

And now we are going to list the main advantages of business intelligence. Consider them when you decide to try the system.

  • Big data can be managed in real place and in real time.Modern mobile devices allow you to access the data in any place and at any time. Whether you need to make on-the-spot decision or check some numbers, you can always stay sure of your abilities.
  • Tracking KPIs gets simpler.Now you can easily control how successfully your enterprise is achieving the set goals by tracking your Key Performance Indicators via notifications that you get when any data change.
  • Your sales get improved and your waste is cut. With the BI system you get almost unlimited access to the freshest reports about current preferences of your customers’, sales trends and profitable markets. At the same time you can identify the main areas of unreasonable and thus unnecessary waste.
  • Negotiation and communication are now more effective. All business users have independent access to the data and reports. Besides, easy availability of data adds more reliability and confidence to your negotiations with partners or suppliers.
  • You can forecast opportunities for your enterprise. Simultaneous analysis of different types of data enables your company to identify the most profitable possibilities as well as its potential capacities which can be developed.

4. Should I Beware Something?

Just like everything in our world business intelligence also has its dark sides. Learn more about them in advance in order to eliminate all risk factors before they start threatening your success.

  • Differences in data interpretation.Different analysts may draw different conclusions from the same set of data. Such inconsistencies may hold the whole work process back for some time.
  • Questionable security of your data. However sad it is, but no BI system is insured against hacking and data breach. Take this issue into account when applying BI in your business.
  • Unexpected expenses. First, most of BI applications you will have to use if you want to be integrated are not free of charge and require investments. Second, if something in BI implementation goes wrong (hardware, software, etc.), fixing it may cost you quite a lot of money.
  • Legal and regulatory sanctions. They are directly connected with the issue of data breach. In order to avoid dramatic losses, you should keep pace with all legal innovations and evolve your BI apps.
  • Limited availability for your business. These days some industries are just starting to implement the BI systems. So, it may take you some time to set everything right if the industry you are interested in is not very well-developed.

5.Which BI Tools Are Really Worth Using?

Check out the list of the most popular BI software that can help your company optimize collection and analysis of different data.

  • BI platforms: Domo, Sisense, Looker.
  • Data visualization software: Grow, iDashboards, Segment.
  • Self-service BI: Chartio, Looker, Tableau Desktop.


Top Smart BPM Tools to Master in 2017

Bpm’online. Bpm’online software has been developed to streamline business processes and improve companies’ efficiency. It has a set of smart solutions for sales, marketing and customer service. BMP tools comparison showed that bpm’online has a powerful platform which provides various deployment options, customization and integration with other platforms. The visual designer helps users to create and monitor processes of any complexity. Content designer enables marketers to create bulk email campaigns with a few clicks. Multichannel communications with customers are managed through smart cloud applications. BPM software tools also include customizable dashboards and reports for detailed analysis and minimizing bottlenecks. Focus on what is important with You can also download eBook to find out how to boost business processes using smart BPM tools at

Timereaction. Capabilities of the best BPM tools developed by Timereaction enable users to effectively manage and control the entire workflow cycle. All processes are fully customizable to meet any specific need. Communication tools enable team members to stay up to date and keep conversations relevant. The entire conversation is documented from beginning to end and may be filtered in many ways. Sub-Workflow tool lets creating parallel tasks. All spreadsheet are easily exported to other programs. Different tools for file management help users to upload, search, modify and share documents. Moreover, Timereaction may be integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox so that no information is missed or deleted. Thanks to Amazon S3 all files are backed up automatically and may be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Watch a demo version at

ProcessGene. Governments and companies worldwide use this cloud BMP software because of its collaboration mechanism, custom graphic diagrams, connectivity to ERP systems and SaaS platform. The process mapping tools enable to leverage the efficiency, reduce costs and shorten time to routine tasks. The system also offers consolidation solutions for mergers and acquisitions which help to monitor M&A project from beginning to end using modern reporting standards and methods. Task management tools enable to assign projects among team members, reduce workflow complexity and support concurrent management of several projects. Change management software creates dashboards and analysis and shows change management status. Find out more about its top BPM tools at

AuraPortal. AuraPortal delivers best digital experience to speed up business processes in different industries. Its BPM tools list includes smart analytics, knowledge management tools, BPM solutions to change adaption, digital transformation, compliance with regulations and mobility. Organizational control solutions include case files, traceability, time control and alerts. It allows users to measure their progress and improve efficiency. Thanks to intelligent analytic tools team members will be able to take actions quickly and make right decisions. Compliance with regulations presumes intelligent automation, risk management tools and quick changes for regulation updates. Mobile workforce and mobile access to process will simplify employees’ work so they could perform tasks in any location. Get your solution faster with

Adonis. The primary goal of Adonis is to provide a solution that is easy and understandable for all users. Its powerful platform helps to model and manage complex processes. Analytic and reporting tools enable to minimize risks and view the entire picture of all projects. Its business simulation library includes cycle monitoring, critical path analysis, capacity planning and process costing. Comprehensive business process management tools have everything you need to speed up your business: KPIs, risk management, process diagrams and much more. Check to learn more about its advantages and try a pro demo.

Bizagi. Process applications of Bizagi enable collaboration between IT and business, boosting productivity and maintaining control. Its intuitive document tools simplify the storage and monitoring of documentation without special technical knowledge. Process models are easily transformed into workflows and applications. Reporting and analytic tools help managers to visualize all processes and track task performance. Bizagi is integrated with the existing IT systems quickly and easily. Mobility options enable to run applications on any device. Users just need to design process maps, build custom applications and start working. Automate processes completely with

Alfresco. Alfresco provides a set of smart tools that are easy to model, deploy, modify and update. Rules Editors tools help users to create new models and update key data. Collaboration tools allow working as a team to complete any task faster. Graphical tools and BPMN Editor are developed to model processes and share them. Users get access to all information and projects to support a wide range of scenarios. Modern platforms such as DMN or BMPN 2.0 allow integration of Alfresco with the existing systems. Process services solutions strengthen compliance with corporate rules and industry regulations. Take your business processes to a new level with