With regard to outsourcing, Park city outsourcing services takes immense pride in being the best service provider. With a detailed focus in developing relationships with clients, their wide range of services includes Human Resource (HR) and Health and Safety Management Support. Park City offers clients the freedom and control that they require to continue with their business operations. From customized documentation, contracts, audits, systems, procedures and policies, their team of expert consultants is highly knowledgeable, and their timely delivery lets your business run smoothly.

Training Facilities

Park City Outsourcing Services uses a state-of-the-art Training and Development Centre at their business hub located in Colchester, where they offer accredited Health and Safety as well as Management Courses. They make sure that companies navigate in the right manner, staying up to date with the continuously changing Employment Law and Health and Safety legislation, allowing managers and leaders to focus on business operations in the sections that are valuable and matter most.

Park City comprises a team of HR specialists, Health and Safety Consultants, and professionals in Management Training, who offer their bespoke services to more than 300 UK businesses.

Part City Outsourcing Services focuses on:

  • HR policies, performance of staff members, and employment law
  • Health and Safety
  • Management Training

The Benefits of Park City Outsourcing Services:

There are umpteen benefits for companies who opt for outsourcing their services related to HR and Health and Safety. Let us have a closer look at each benefit.

  1. Decreased Costs

The cost of setting up an HR department as well as a Health and Safety Management and the ensuing administration function can exceed 70,000 pounds each year. By using Park City Outsourcing Services, you can cut costs up to 50%. What’s more, Park City has immense expertise and a highly-competent workforce. Instead of hiring a single HR Manager and Health & Safety Manager in an in-house level, wouldn’t it be wiser to have access to more experts round the clock and that, too, at the fraction of the original cost.

  1. Enhanced Efficiency

Park City has nearly 17 years of proven experience in writing and designing company policies, procedures, and letters. You can use this external resource to create, alter, and update your documents instead of spending time and money on internal resources. Park City is dedicated to meet strict deadlines without compromising on the quality of work.

  1. Better Flexibility

If you have problems with a particular employee, Park City will offer their support in dealing with the issue promptly, ensuring complete peace of mind to you. They follow a hassle-free, no nonsense Health & Safety Service.

  1. Reduce Risks

Park City Outsourcing Services can reduce financial and legal risks that are associated with Human Resource and Health & Safety practices.

  1. Complete Overview of the Situation

Outsourcing your business operations to Park City can help you obtain a strategic overview of the business from the outside.

  1. Management of Performance and Development of Talent

By delegating tasks to outsourced partners, you can have ample amount of time to deal with other core areas of the business.

Park City has been offering outsourced Human Resource and Health and Safety services to scores of organizations and schools across the United Kingdom for a significant time period. Therefore, make the most of Park City Outsourcing Services.