When you are living based on your individual paychecks or some kind of monthly compensation, you might not have enough money to afford extra expenses. Many people call this living paycheck to paycheck; in many situations, it means you are just one missed check away from being in debt. As long as you are working and everything is going as expected, then you are probably going to remain pretty comfortable for a long time. However, what do you do when faced with an unexpected expense? Unexpected expenses are, as the name suggests, things you have to pay for that you did not plan for. The way to handle these is best determined by the expenses themselves.


Automotive expenses can be incredibly high, and you might feel trapped by your mechanic. You don’t know how to fix a car, so you don’t know if you’re getting a good deal. You can’t do the work yourself, so you’re forced to pay someone else to do it. On top of all that, you need your car fixed as soon as possible, so you don’t get the luxury of shopping around. That’s because unexpected expenses tend to multiply. If you commute to work, drive your kids to school, or handle most of the shopping for your family, you might be out of luck. You need your car for all of those things. If you commute to work, then you might have a hard time getting to work while your car is out of commission.

Since you can’t get to work while your car is being fixed, you’re losing money. That missed paycheck makes it harder to pay for your car and to pay for the rest of your bills. That is how you fall behind when you’re living paycheck to paycheck and doing everything right. Some things are beyond your control. So what do you do? Payday loans in NZ are especially popular for handling unexpected expenses.

You can secure a quick loan that will provide you with enough money to fix your car and get back to work. You just need to make sure you can pay back the loan in the agreed-upon amount of time. Loans can lead to pretty serious financial hardship if you don’t plan properly.


The weather can cause serious problems in certain situations. If your home or flat is insured, then you are probably covered for damage to the home itself and probably even the big-ticket items such as your television. However, what do you do while you are trying to repair your home from the damage it suffered? If you’re missing work for those days, then you’re going to be losing a significant amount of money. Or, maybe your insurance isn’t as useful as you thought, and it only covers part of the cost of repairs. You’re going to need to hire some contractors as well as take some time off work. A quick loan can get you the money you need to handle those situations without falling behind on your other monetary obligations.

Living paycheck to paycheck can get very stressful once something messes with your plan. You should have a fallback plan for dealing with unexpected expenses.