Emerging technologies are full of solutions that can save your business money while also making it more efficient. One of these technologies, called softphones, is easier to implement than you think.

How Softphones Work

Rather than relying on a physical phone line from a telecommunications provider to place calls, softphones use the Internet. Softphones are not literal telephones, but software programs designed to use VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, to route your calls over the Internet. This means that any device that can have the software installed on it– a laptop, tablet, or smartphone – can now function as a phone for your business.

Benefits of Softphones

Because the only connection a softphone needs to function is a reliable Internet connection, you’ll be able to eliminate your monthly phone bill. Softphones also allow you to get rid of clunky conventional desk phones with their cumbersome and difficult-to-remember commands for basic office phone tasks like transferring calls, holding a call, or forwarding calls away from workers who are off the clock. Most softphone programs have much better user interfaces for completing these actions, like drag-and-drop call transfers and scheduled call forwarding. As they become more popular, more of these programs are adding upgraded features like video conferencing and visual voicemail.

Softphones also make it much easier for your employees to work remotely while still maintaining the privacy of their personal phone numbers. They can install a softphone on a personal device or a device provided by you and still be reached at their work number instead of having to provide their personal number to customers or clients who want to reach them while they are out of the office. Employees can also use scheduling features to set up online and away times, ensuring that they are receiving calls when they’re working and being left in peace outside their scheduled shifts.

Switching your phone service from traditional desk phones to softphones is a cost-effective solution for your modern office.