Individual business owners frequently struggle with hiring their first employee, with timing one of the most puzzling aspects of the process – when is the time right to hire your first employee and how will you know when that time has arrived?

Rushing into your first hire can be a major mistake. In fact, it could prove to be the biggest mistake you ever make, the one that sinks the boat just as it’s leaving its home port for the very first time into seemingly tranquil waters and sunny, blue skies.

If you’re considering hiring your first employee you need to work with a recruitment agency, like an IT recruitment agency if you need to hire an IT specialist. There are many excellent IT recruitment agencies to get your first hire from, but you need to make sure the time is right before you hire. Pick the wrong time and you may never know what hit you!

Here are three things to consider when deciding whether the time is right for your first hire – they’re not all you need to consider, but they’re excellent indicators.

You turn down work because you can’t take on any more

If you’re turning down work because you’ve got so much on and you can’t possibly take on any more, this is a notable sign that you’re ready to take on your first hire.

However, do you have enough capital and incoming revenue to do so comfortably? Many people have struggled under great workloads and thought that the time is right, only to realise once they’ve looked at their budget that taking on an employee just isn’t feasible. Ensure you can afford to hire someone before you start looking.

You’re receiving complaints (customer service or otherwise)

Being short staffed and rushed off your feet could be the reason why you’re getting complaints from your clients all of a sudden. If you believe that this is the reason why, and you’re sure you can take on your first hire comfortably, get in touch with a good IT recruitment agency and discuss your options. Maybe you don’t need to hire a fulltime employee, perhaps starting off with a short-term contract is the way to go.

You’ve identified new revenue streams you can’t manage on your own

If you’ve just found a new revenue stream that looks promising but you know you can’t manage the extra work on your own, maybe the time is right for your first hire.

If you’re not 100% sure, don’t hire a fulltime employee, contact an IT recruitment agency and discuss your hiring options for temporary or contract staff.

If you’re going to hire your very first employee, make sure they’re the right one for the job. Working with a recruitment agency, like a specialist IT recruitment agency, is easily the best option that’s available to your business.

By hiring through an IT recruitment agency, you’ll significantly reduce the chances of hiring the wrong person and that can prove to be a very costly mistake indeed.