Living a comfortable life means that you’re going to have to dedicate a lot of your time to working for companies or owning your own business to acquire funds to survive and enjoy yourself. There are thousands of different jobs that people can do from babysitting to running a multi-billion dollar corporation. Learning what all of the hottest jobs are in Singapore in 2016 can help you to not only find placement much easier, but to find interest in an industry that you might have never thought of before.

IT (Information Technologies)

As with relatively any country in the world, IT is by far one of the most popular jobs available in Singapore. As one of the largest technology hubs in the world and in Asia, it’s not only easy to find an IT job in the country, but it can also provide you with a reasonable earning. This particular industry is also experiencing a lot of growth as a result of initiatives started by the 2015 Intelligent Nation Master program. As a director or manager you can expect to make between S$11,000 and S$22,000 annually.


There’s nothing better than being able to use your mathematical skills to your advantage and make a great living doing so. Accounting is a phenomenal industry, particularly in the Asia-Pacific area. In 2015 alone the entire sector saw an increase of over S$1.8 billion in revenue. By taking the time to work your way up the financial ladder, you can easily make a substantial earning as a chief financial officer. On average, a CFO in Singapore can earn up to S$20,000. Even the less prestigious titles still earn a reasonable living, such as account managers that bring home up to S$7,000.

Sales and Marketing

Every business needs help with marketing in order to attract the most customers to what they have to offer. By focusing primarily on the internet, digital marketers can bring home up to S$10,000 per year.

Finance and Banking

There isn’t supposed to be much growth in the banking and finance sector this year, but Singapore’s economy still includes over 700 different financial institutions that all offer different services. There is also the opportunity or more growth as the Monetary Authority of Singapore is committing S$225 million to help with the growth of finance technologies.

In the event that you’re interested in developing the technology that can be used inside of financial institutions as a financial technology developer, you can earn up to S$12,000/year. By acquiring a more prestigious title such as VP of compliance and risk functions, you can earn up to S$17,000.

Life Sciences and Health

There’s always going to be an increasing demand for professionals in the life sciences and health industry that have a very specific skill set that the country needs. With the ample amount of training and experience from these healthcare professionals, Singapore is willing to pay a substantial price to entice talented specialists. As a director of research and development, you can earn up to S$15,000.

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