Recruitment agencies and social media tools are now integral parts of almost every career search and placement in the Canadian professional market. Before you begin your job search it is smart to review your online presences and maybe consider separating them into personal and professional sites. Once you have that organized you can contact a reputable recruiter and begin your job search. Also, from a hiring perspective it is important to find a recruiter who will take all things into consideration, with social media being no exception.


Executive recruiters can help you vet those potential candidates you have found through your regular employee job postings. This is because they have the skills and training to see through those fluffed up overviews, work experience overviews and even tags, posts and statements that are used by many to make them stand out against the rest. This is because recruiters know what words and phrases matter most and they also have the ability to see through those exaggerated statements so you do not waste your time with someone who may look good online but in person has the wrong background, training, personality and business outlook.

It is often just more efficient to just simply use recruiters when you have those all important positions to fill and thus need the right candidates brought to your attention. This way when you are presented with a list of candidates you will have confidence in those prospective employees as they have already been assessed by the executive recruiters who are working with you. This method is particularly effective when it comes to high level professional positions. You don’t want to waste precious time and energy only to bring in the wrong type of candidate for an interview.

Recruiters truly bring something unique to the human resources function of any business as they are accustomed to determining which candidates fit with which business. In fact, recruiters have access to those who are not actively or publicly seeking new positions and they also have the ability to feel out candidates in a more streamlined and effective manner. This is highly important for those upper level positions as those costly roles in any organization truly do warrant needing to find the right candidates to fit the bill.

Though times and technology have changed and many feel they can find any candidate they want simply by going online and searching, the truth is that an online representation of a person is only a very small part of their personality. It is important to use a professional agency, like IQ Partners, who will know how to properly filter all of the available information on a candidate in order to present you with the best options.