Our world is filled with computing device choices from smartphones, to tablets, to laptops and more. However, there is still a need for a full-fledged computer to get serious business work done. Unless you are a MAC or Linux user, this means that you will probably be using some version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Over the years, Microsoft has had a tendency to annoy and alienate some of its users each time it comes out with a new operating system version.  When we upgrade, sometimes our software ceases to function, we can’t find familiar items or functions, the upgrade crashes out, or the new layout just plain annoys us.  However, this time is thankfully different.  If you are still using some older version of Windows between XP and 8.1, here are some good reasons why you will want to do this particular upgrade.

  • It’s free! Microsoft has finally gotten with the program and has learned that there are other ways to make money than charging for the operating system itself. This makes license compliance a non-issue for everyone from home users to businesses. And free is a very good price.
  • The familiar “Start” menu is back. (If you want it.) One of users’ biggest annoyances with recent Windows versions was the tiled interface to get to your programs. Microsoft tried to force us all into an environment that would blend seamlessly with the Windows Phone experience. On Windows 10, you can have the interface back you were used to on Windows 7 on back, with a task bar and regular program menu. They do give you a choice to keep that Windows 8 look if you want to, however. Various 3rd party apps will give you even more choices if you would like to further tweak the Windows look.
  • It starts up faster and everything runs faster. As a warning, that first day is annoyingly slow, so upgrade when you don’t have important need for that computer.  After you get past the first day on Windows 10, when it is doing lots of updates, you will really notice a change in speed. It will feel like you got a RAM boost.
  • All the cool new light and thin laptops and convertible tablets, such as those from HP, are coming with Windows 10. You now can have something light and ergonomic, with a real keyboard, that won’t weigh you down.
  • It has Cortana. She is like Apple’s SIRI, but for your PC.
  • It has integration with X-Box. If you are a gamer you will enjoy being able to stream games from the console to your PC. It also now has Direct X 12, which will make your games run faster on the same hardware.
  • It features Virtual Desktops. You can have a lot going on at one time and divide up your work space into multiple screens to virtually and visually separate your tasks and your concentration.
  • The security is better. Among the many security enhancements, new safeguards have been put in place to protect you from malicious code executing at boot time.
  • If you don’t like it, you can roll your operating system back to just the way it was before the upgrade, any time within one month. There is actually a button for that.
  • But the main reason to upgrade to Windows 10 is that you are going to have to! Usually Microsoft continues support and improvements for their previous operating systems for years. That practice is coming to an end. Starting in May, 2016 Microsoft will cease issuing security updates for Windows 8 and earlier versions. Version 8.1 will still receive updates, but that version has the most software compatibility issues with modern software, so it only makes sense to switch all the way to version 10.

With all the improvements Microsoft has made with Windows 10, this is finally an upgrade that you will be glad that you did. So get it done!