In the last article were talking about two qualities that you need in order to achieve success and do an important step towards fulfilling your dream. As we have promised, today we will provide you with the information about the next qualities that you have to possess if you really want to achieve good results.

The Essence of Creativity

Nowadays, as well as in the past centuries, the human creative activity carries not only personal development but also a progress that creates the culture of humanity in general. The term “creativity” indicates the activities of the individual. Creativity is primarily a reflection of human nature and its relationship with the world, desires, dreams, feelings that move humanity forward despite all the difficulties. Huge opportunities of the world are hidden behind this phenomenon. A creative person is ready to absorb a new information and quickly find the solution to all problems. It is because his energy is not ready to put up with the dull reality and, instead, looks for ways out of difficult situations. Creativity is the ability to create, the ability to produce something in unusual ways, to invent, to discover, to see the world from a different perspective. It is a sort of art that you can apply to work as well as to personal life. F A person who behaves creatively is an inventor that makes life bright and interesting by transforming it into something new and unique.

High Time

This is exactly the time when society has realized the whole importance of creativity and tries to develop it. That is why it is no wonder that the current leaders, employers, supervisors, regardless the field of occupation demand from their colleagues, staff, students such traits as resourcefulness, versatility, and originality, that together form the skill of creativity. It is therefore not surprising that newspapers flash with headlines like “the new invention,” “solving problems is found,” “modern models of …” and so on. Currently, the relevance of creativity is obvious, as it is everywhere: in the implementation of your plans, in career development, in self-realization, in the culture of civilizations and even in the intensive flow of progress.

How to Develop Creativity

First of all, in order to achieve the objectives, you should look for new experiences, expand your circle of friends, broaden the outlook, attend different cultural events and meet new and interesting people from whom you might get an inspiration. It will be hard for you to bring into life your plans if every day is a copy of the previous one. Live in such a way that each single day gives you positive emotions, and does not cause boredom.

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Readiness to Meet Changes

People take the changes from two different perspectives that are constantly in conflict with each other. On one hand, everyone is well aware of the fact that to succeed in any sphere of life they need to let changes happen in their life. In addition, you should accumulate new knowledge, derive benefits from all new opportunities that may help you change your current status for better one, etc. The changes are the engine of success. Where there are none, the stagnation and regression are prevailing. Everything would be well, and people would accept changes with a great pleasure if there were no other side of understanding this concept.  It is exactly what makes people leave all sorts of thoughts about moving forward, forcing them to be satisfied with what they have now.

Challenges on the Way

Another obstacle is fear to make a mistake and lose everything that one has achieved during the long years at a previous job. This also includes the internal human desire to stay in one’s comfort zone where there are no contradictions, and which, though not always good, is steady. A striking example of the commitment to the comfort zone is a person’s ability to work during 15-20 years at the same company and in the same position. Such a person often complains about the low salary, the large amount of work, long working hours, strict schedule, etc. However, if you ask such people why they do not quit such an unfavorable work, if it is so bad, and find another better one, you will not get a logical answer. The reason is that fear constrains the opportunities and does not allow you to grow. For a good job position, you might be asked to change your current location. It could be another city, region and even the country. Therefore, if you consider yourself an ambitious person, you should take into account all these things.

Urge to Earn

Here is another very interesting quality that to a great extend may improve a resume. It is the desire to make money. At the first glance, it may seem that this does not mean anything. Maybe for you it is so, but not for your future boss. The point is that if an employer sees that the employee wants to earn more, he will give him that opportunity, especially if a person performs all the assignments quickly and efficiently. Different additional tasks will allow you not only to win the employer’s favor, but also to get a profit.

Of course, it is not the end of our list. In the next article, we will continue to tell you about the qualities that will help you to become the best candidate for a job position.