The many times people down-score their essays or have them rejected is because of incorrectly formatted cover pages. Formatting of a cover page or title page must be top-notch. Little details such as positioning, font size, and font types will certainly have an adverse effect on your final marks if you do not render them properly. Anytime you sit down to write an essay, you should be more than careful because anything that falls short of the required structure guidelines can lead to an outright rejection.

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Here is a checklist that will ensure your cover page meets all the requirements it ought to:

Positioning of the titles and subtitle

At the exact centre of your page should be your subtitle and title. The title must come first with the subtitle following closely next to it after the colon. Always remember to put your subtitle and title inside inverted comas.

Example: “The Second World War: How the Losers Lost”

Font Size and Type

Conventionally, each and every word written on your cover page ought to be done in size twelve and Times New Roman. To many readers this is the best readable font. Nonetheless, if your professor or tutor is not finicky about the whole thing, then you can utilize other neat fonts such as Arial or Calibri.

Not to bold or to bold

At all times, your title must be in bold. However, this is not necessary for the subtitle. This goes miles in neatly distinguishing the main title from the subtitle for the utmost benefit of the reader.

Spacing settings

In your MS word document, use the ‘Normal’ option, rather than the ‘No Spacing’ option. So what is the main reason behind this? It is because the spacing normally affects the positioning of every single line. Your title ought to be positioned nine spaces right from the top to the centre.

How far down should the bottom right go?

From your title, you should go right down at the bottom of your page (the ‘Enter’ key should come in handy in this case). After this, use the cursor to make three times move up. Now, align the cursor to your right. Get ready to type four lines aligned to the right side of the page.

Bottom Right

Type your full name from fourth line from bottom of your page. Just below that, fill in the current date. After this, type in your class name beneath that. Finally yet importantly, type in your tutor’s name in the bottom line.

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Your cover page is now complete.