Any entrepreneur will tell you the importance of creating a brand image or identity for the services and products you provide. It helps to differentiate you from your competitors in the market environment. Today’s consumers can choose from a wide variety of brands in almost every category of products or service available in the market. This leads to both confusion and uncertainty. To solve this problem, customers generally opt for those brands that they know and trust. They know that that well-known brands are less risky purchases and this gives them a piece of mind. In the cosmetic and beauty market, one Company that needs no introduction is The Estee Lauder Company and its brands like Clinique, MAC, Bobbi Brown and Origins are some of the best in the world today!

Mrs Estee Lauder was the founder of The Estee Lauder Company. She started small with just four products and went on to become an international name. Her grandson, William Lauder has continued with her legacy of success. To many, the Estee Lauder Company is the William Lauder love child he always thinks about.

William Lauder inspired by his grandmother’s success story in the American cosmetic industry was determined to replicate this success in the international arena. In the initial stages of his association with the company, William Lauder was responsible for just specialty brands of the company, which included Aveda and Bobbi Brown. He devised and implemented a number of successful innovative strategies to ensure that these premium brands along with many new brands launched by the company were an instant success in the international market.

William Lauder is accredited to having formulated and implemented many innovative marketing strategies like the concept of a store within a store that transformed the concept of marketing in the international cosmetic industry. These strategies went a long way in enhancing the product’s brand image. His innovative strategies were also instrumental in streamlining the company’s online management activities such as the Clinique Website. The enhanced the company’s existing customer relationship and help it to engage new customers.

The Estee Lauder Company or the William Lauder love child has flourished and grown extensively under his watchful eyes. He has actually elevated it to make it one of the best companies in the international arena today. William Lauder is the perfect entrepreneur who has shown us that actions are much louder than words. This is why the world and the entire beauty industry are immensely proud of him!