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Who is an Apprentice or Trainee?

Traineeship or Apprenticeship is one of the ideal ways to get your skills augmented and simultaneously get paid for it. In simple terms an apprentice is a person who works under a more proficient person or company so as to learn a specific skill, be it technical or non-technical and in return get a stipend as wage for the job you do. The period in which you learn the trade under a qualified tradesperson is called Apprenticeship or Traineeship.

Traineeship Brisbane Basics

The Traineeship Brisbane programs provide massive scopes for novices in acquiring innumerable vocations. There are more than 100 different trades such as electrician, plumbing, construction, hairdresser, chef etc. in Brisbane that comprises varied training opportunities. However, one does not need superior educational background to get into a traineeship program in Brisbane. You can be a school pass out, an unemployed person or already working person; it doesn’t matter. Apprenticeship is suitable for all working age group with limited qualification requirement.

An extensive lookout on Traineeships Brisbane

Traineeship Certification

Emerging occupation meets highest demand for such programs as trainees look for good openings where they can cultivate their new careers. Most of the traineeship offering programs in Brisbane are trustworthy and deliver you with a comprehensive arrangement for a successful career. What more you get is a valid certification on completion of the given program. A certificate validates your qualification making you an eligible candidate to score and get paid higher in your preferred trade.

The certificate from Brisbane Traineeship program qualifies you to work with any well-established company from Australia or across international borders. Also, if you choose an efficient company for your internship, you will automatically have a lifetime network of industrial contacts.

Know more about Traineeship Program

  • An Internship is done under a Supervisor and can be carried out in any recognised organisation. The programs range from level II certification to advanced level certification (IV to VI).
  • The trainee can be a full timer, part timer or work on contractual basis.
  • Any Australian citizen, above the age of 13 is qualified for the program. However, immigrants from select countries with valid passports can also take up apprenticeships. This information is pertaining to most and not all occupations.
  • Few occupations do have restrictions on age and nationality and have prerequisite educational preferences.
  • The training programs in Brisbane comprises of a legal agreement known as the training contract. This contract is valid until the trainee and employer confirms the trainee to be a competent professional.
  • The termination of a training contract has to be made on mutual agreement from both the parties.
  • A traineeship program proffers both on-job and off job training. The on – job training refers to practices performed under your supervisor’s workplace and off job training is carried out at other affiliated organizations.