Finding solid candidates for your company isn’t an easy job. Not only do these potential hires have to be able to perform the core duties of the role, but they also need to fit in with the culture and energy of your company. Hiring is tough but not impossible – use these four tips for hiring the best candidates for the job, no matter what industry you’re in.

Conduct a minimum of three interviews

To truly gauge the fit and experience of a potential candidate, make sure you conduct a minimum of three interviews with them. And make those interviews are with three unique interviewers. When it comes to hiring, it’s in your and your company’s best interests to get more than one opinion on potential candidates. A colleague may be able to ask questions you never thought to ask that bring to light a certain candidate’s strengths or weaknesses. Or a stellar candidate who may have had a poor first round interview has the opportunity to make up for it and prove themselves in interviews two and three.

Look into past employers and references

Nothing can speak more credibly to a potential candidate’s performance than words straight from the mouth of their previous employer or boss. Due your due diligence in calling references and reaching out to the candidate’s previous places of employment. Ask questions like: What were their strengths? What were their weaknesses? If you had the opportunity to hire them again, would you? Make the most of these reference interviews, since they can speak volumes about potential candidates.

Employ test exercises

In addition to interviewing a candidate to hear about their experience and accolades first hand, as well as to doing an address lookup, another way to test a prospective candidate is with a test exercise. A test exercise, or some sort of take-home assignment, is the best way for them to show you their intelligence and aptitude in action. After they make it through the first interview, send them some sort of test project that assesses their ability to fulfill a few key core duties of the role. Pay close attention to timeliness, attention to detail and overall quality of the assignment. A good test exercise is a positive sign, and you can learn a lot about a prospective candidate’s work style by analyzing how they completed the exercise.

Don’t neglect personality type

Many companies these days are requiring potential candidates to take personality tests, like Myers-Briggs, for example, to assess fit for the duties of a role they are in consideration for. Certain job types, such as project management, lend themselves to specific personality traits, such as being detail-oriented and having a knack for planning. It’s worthwhile to include some sort of personality assessment in your interview process. There are even many free online tests that you can send out via email to get an idea of a candidate’s personality and fit. A personality test can be a great long-term indicator of candidate fit and success rate.