Marketing Techniques That Deliver

Website traffic has consistently averaged more than 200,000 visitors annually over the past few years. It is no surprise, then, that a company that doesn’t provide digital media interactivity on their website could quickly lose popularity. Seeking the services of an experienced marketing consultant can allow any online merchant to utilize diverse tools and techniques for what they specifically need. Aside from audio books and ringtones, there are three new exciting trends in the marketing world that companies can use to get noticed.

Marketing Techniques

First, businesses that adopt Web 2.0 can significantly expand their contact potential when trying to reach consumers. An online merchant that provides downloadable samples of a product will likely have increased potential to obtain more sales. Second, businesses that use a digital portfolio instead of a printed business card comes with the advantage of introducing a consumer to a website with video, music and contact information which can be easily dragged, dropped and saved in a contact file. Third, companies that use digital signage can advertise in ways that a physical sign can’t. This method of advertising is especially useful for businesses to post news updates as well as a full description of services, etc. Depending on the cost and quality of the digital sign, a company can integrate all other forms of digital media into the sign’s cast as well.

Branding establishes identity and uniqueness while raising awareness about a company’s services or products. A good branding strategy should create and influence a certain perception that a company is the only solution to solve their consumers problem by delivering a concise message, confirming credibility, connecting to potential consumers emotionally, motivating the buyer to action and solidifying user loyalty.

Another effective form of digital marketing is text messaging. According to industry group CMO Council, text messaging is a popular form of communication across many demographics. However, digital media delivered as an online commercial, podcast or video yields even greater exposure. The reason why this is because people generally remember what they see longer and is the fastest growing medium to date. Although using text messages is a great advertising tool, their is much competition among companies using this same strategy.

Some companies sink all of their resources in text messaging which inevitably makes them miss out on the marketing opportunities they would receive using video media. Statistically, videos leave a more lasting impression on the consumer’s mind and can even promote a call to action after being viewed. In addition, videos can be incorporated with slick graphics, text, music and animation to convey a company’s message. Although traditional advertising is still necessary for a company to reach exposure, it is limited with reaching customers who use different media devices. An effective marketing consultant can help businesses connect to consumers by using techniques and formats that are compatible to PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones to network consumers of all ages. An expert marketing consultant can also help a company create many compression rates to match user download speeds and


Investing In Advertising

One of the hardest things to do when running a business is expansion. Aiming too high has been the downfall of many a business, investing too much money on unsuccessful campaigns. Of course, on the other side of the argument, if you don’t spend any time or money on expanding, you will rarely succeed.

Coming up with original marketing ideas isn’t exactly easy though. Trying original or controversial methods is risky business, with many examples of ill placed adverts being documented. In the real world this can be avoided more easily, but online, words get associated with topics whether they are good or bad and can yield unfortunate results.

Playing safe is not traditionally associated with big business, but the negative connotations are often misplaced. Advertising agencies such as All Response Media know how to target customers and build a client base. If they are still operating successfully, then the tactics they employ must work.

Established agencies can take care of many aspects of marketing, from leaflets in newspapers to television advertising. Using agencies is also a great idea for companies which are not big enough for their own marketing or advertising departments. Instead of hiring or training people into a certain job, outsourcing to experienced people who know the business is often a better idea.

With all investments, advertising has its risk, but with well established media forms, including leaflets, newspaper advertising, radio, television, internet adverts and advertising boarding’s, you can connect to the right audience.


Getting Your Business Recognised

The UK’s economic and business environment has rarely been this hostile. All over the country, struggling businesses are trying to develop new ways to punch above their weight and beat the recession that has gripped hold and refuses to let go. With analysts projecting grim figures for the next decade, and banks reluctant to lend, many business owners are having to come up with new ways in order to get their brands recognised or to establish the brand loyalty necessary to make it through the crisis relatively unscathed.

One very effective way to do this is through the use of promotional gifts. Although initially it may seem difficult to justify the additional expenditure, research from the British Promotional Merchandise Association has shown that people who receive promotional, corporate or business gifts are far more likely to – not only make enquiries from the business – but also to buy, consistently return and even refer their friends to your service or company.

Business Recognised

Brand loyalty has never been so important. With thousands upon thousands of competitors in each sector, it is absolutely vital that businesses seek out ways of keeping hold of their customers. Customer service, of course, is vital, but it is also often very beneficial to offer rewards and incentives. Even the most well established brands use this ploy to continually attract customers – McDonalds being a prime example. Through clever marketing of their Happy Meal ranges they entice children to their restaurants with the prospect of ‘collecting’ a new range of toys which, in turn, gets parents on side.

This is by no means a new thing, yet many businesses overlook the value of rewarding clients for their custom. Through special offers, incentive gifts and loyalty schemes such as the advantage cards available in the majority of high street shops, customers feel valued and are more likely to return, putting businesses a step ahead of their competitors and helping them to keep their heads in front in what is a hostile, uncertain business world.


Benefits of invoice factoring to a business

Many people in business are not aware of the term Invoice Factoring and even those who have heard of this term may not be able to explain what it means. This solution is used by many businesses especially those that have issues with credit control. To better understand what this term really means, we will look at everything concerning it and the reasons why it is important in a business setting.

Invoice Factoring

So what is invoice factoring? When you find that your business is not doing very well and you have financial burdens, this makes it very difficult for you to get financial assistance from lending institutions. This is because no one will be willing to take a chance with your business knowing that it is failing. When this happens a lot of businesses tend to rely on the process of factoring so that they can raise the amount they require to stay in business. With factoring, they are able to borrow more than they could have if they just applied for a loan.

A business is supposed to have invoices for all work that they have completed. If the invoices are yet to be paid, then the business becomes short of money. What invoice factoring does is to allow the business to borrow the money against the unpaid invoices as a loan. As soon as the invoices are paid, you pay back the money you borrowed.

A lot of people are however sceptical about this process because of the idea of borrowing money. If your business is failing, you might be required to go with this option in order to save your business. This method has been proven to work with many failing businesses. You will easily get loans that will be paid off in instalments making it a more reliable method than borrowing from banks.

When you get your loan, you will only have to pay it back when your invoices have been paid up to 90%. Since you might not be making any profits at this time, you will be required to budget carefully and stick to the budget that you have. As much as you might not like the idea, you may not have any other options in order to save your business.

With invoice factoring, you will be able to get a loan that will assist you in offsetting the debts that you have and keep your business in operation until all your invoices are paid in full. It is an option worth exploring if you are having problems financially with your business.


Tips and Ideas to manage and invest money

PPI claims are a type of insurance offered alongside payment plans. PPI stands for payment protection plans and it is generally offered with credit to cover the event that the person who takes out the loan ever becomes unemployed or unable to work and therefore pays a portion or the debt’s entire loan amount. However, PPI refunds are being given for many people due to the fact that PPI doesn’t cover everyone – specifically those who are self-employed or retired. A large number of policies were underwritten with PPI for people who weren’t necessarily covered by it and therefore after several rulings, financial institutions were required to make PPI refunds.

Now people are left trying to figure out how to spend the money they’ve been refunded. What follows is a series of tips for managing and investing your PPI refund money.

invest money

  • Save your PPI refund. – If you opt to receive a lump sum for your PPI claims, don’t spend it right away. It is best to hold onto that money and look at just what your options are in order to best use and manage it first.
  • Spend your reclaimed PPI funds on the debts. – If you took out PPI claims on a debt, you may consider spending that money back into your debt in order to pay it off more quickly and thus owe less money. This option is both ironic and gratifying to yourself if you’re able to do it with multiple debts that you’ve accumulated. Plus, you may actually pay some debts off with your PPI refund and therefore be less burdened with payments.
  • Put the reclaimed PPI funds into a savings account or another type of short term investment. – This option is often advised for individuals looking to keep funds for a rainy day. PPI claim money put into an interest bearing savings account will both accumulate more money and be able to be withdrawn for use anytime you need it. Short term investments will earn more money and become available after some time. For the best types of investments, you’ll need to contact a PPI claim advisory group.
  • If you don’t have any necessary needs, use your PPI refund as you would like. – While it is generally recommended that you should invest PPI refund money elsewhere for a rainy day, if you’re already in top financial condition it would make little sense not to spend the funds.